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Oven-Baked Sanma (Pike Mackerel) Cheese Roll (English Ver.)

【2 servings】

  • Sanma fillet 5 pieces

  • Shredded mozzarella cheese 25g

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Olive oil

  • All Purpose Flour

  • 1/2 bundle of dill

  • 1 radish

  • 1/2 lemon


  • Pre-heat the oven to 200 ℃ (395F).

  • Slice the radish and lemon into thin slices for decoration.

  • Remove stems from the dill and chop the leaves into small pieces.

① Place sanma fillets, skin side down, on a parchment sheet. Arrange so the fillets are vertical and slightly overlap each other on the edges. Lightly salt and pepper, then sprinkle with flour thinly and evenly using a sifter or tea strainer.

② Place the shredded cheese and chopped dill across the middle of the sanma fillets. It is important to use a lot of dill, so use most of it here, and set aside a little bit for decorating later.

③ Roll the sanma up from the from the bottom edge, like a sushi roll. Use the parchment sheet like a sushi roll mat and shape the sanma into a tight roll.

④ Reuse the parchment sheet to line a casserole dish or cookie sheet to prepare for baking. Carefully place the sanma roll onto the parchment sheet. Brush the sanma with olive oil.

⑤ Bake at 200 ° C for 10 minutes, then Broil on high for another 5 minutes to brown the skin nicely.

⑥ Decoratively arrange the sliced ​​radishes and lemon on the serving dish and plate the sanma roll. Complete by sprinkling the dill set aside for decoration.

【Other Arrangements】

  • If desired you can squeeze the lemon at the table, and/or grind fresh ground pepper.

  • If you want to arrange this recipe Japanese style, you can replace the dill with umeboshi, neri ume, shiso, yuzu pepper, etc.

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