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Remake Recipes of Seasoned Seaweed Hijiki (English Ver.)

Have you ever tried ZERO's "Hijiki Tsukudani Lemon Flavor"?

You can remake as many things as you like with this one bag.

If you save it in small containers, and is a convenient and excellent


In addition to that, hijiki contains a lot of calcium, dietary fiber,

vitamins, etc., and is nutritious!

Here are just a few examples. You may know how to use it more.

[# 1 ・ Hijiki mixed rice]

After putting rice and water in a jar, put an appropriate amount of hijiki seaweed, I just put the dashi bag in and press the switch! That’s it!

Even when cooked, the lemon flavor remains the same. Delicious

hijiki rice is ready with ZERO OCEAN rice!

[# 2: Hijiki seaweed toast]

My kid loves it as breakfast!

1)Apply a thin layer of mayonnaise (mayonnaise is your choice, with butter or anything)

2)Put appropriate Hijiki + a slice of cheese.

Or Avocado + Hijiki + a slice of cheese.

3)Toast them in the toaster and done!

[# 3 ・ Spaghetti with hijiki and shrimp]

Let's have Zero Ocean "Large Row White Shrimp Tail-on", which is

always available at home, play an active role!

1)Boil the spaghetti for the number of people.

2)Prepare appropriate of hijiki and shrimp. A little salt and pepper (for 2 people).

3) First, put olive oil or butter in a frying pan and stir fry the shrimp over medium heat. Add a little salt and pepper. (You can leave the tail as it is or off as you like)

4) Reduce the heat to low and add Hijiki when the shrimp is lightly fried.

5)Reduce the heat to medium again and add the boiled spaghetti. Stir fry the sauce as if entwined. At this time, you can sprinkle soy sauce on the noodles if you like.

6)It's done! The shrimp is very satisfying to eat, and the volume is perfect!

[# 4: Rolled omelette with Hijiki]

Ingredients (for 2 people)

・ ZERO OCEAN Hijiki Seaweeds(approx. 100g)

・ 3 eggs

・ A little soup stock (about 1 tbsp)

・ Salad oil

1)Break the egg into a bowl, add all ingredients except salad oil, and mix well.

2)Spread the oil on a frying pan and make a rolled omelet!

3)It’s done! Cut it to a suitable size and serve it as a side dish!

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