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配送料 / 配送に関して (Delivery Fee & Schedule) 


Delivery cutoff day to receive your order within the week is Monday 11:59 PM.

Any orders placed after this date and time will be processed in the following week.

オーダー締め切り日時は月曜日11:59 PMです。月曜日11:59 PM以降のオーダーは翌週の配送になります。


 Torrance Office

 1957 W Carson St Unit 107, Torrance, CA 90501

 Every Wednesday 

 South Bay Area (Including Palos Verdes)

 $10.00 home delivery fee (宅配)

 (*purchase over $129 FREE delivery  $129 以上無料宅配)

 Every Thursday 

 Irvine / Costa Mesa / Huntington Beach / South OC 

 $10.00 home delivery fee (宅配)

 (*purchase over $129 FREE delivery  $129 以上無料宅配)

 Every Friday 

 North LA / West LA Area

 $10.00 home delivery fee (宅配)

 (*purchase over $129 FREE delivery  $129 以上無料宅配)

 Special Delivery 

 San Diego Area

 $15.00 shipping fee (配送)

 Ships 9/28 *Order Cutoff 9/26 (Sun) 11:59 PM 

​​Other Areas (none of the above)

*Please contact us if shipping is possible. その他のエリアに関してはお問合せください

Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Barbara, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley Area
Please go to the website : 








For Group Orders

If you would like to order with your friends or neighbors, please contact us beforehand with the order details (quantity and total amount). When we confirm the group order, we will provide you free delivery coupon FOR ONE PICKUP LOCATION (not individual addresses). Please also select the delivery area where you want to pick it up with your friend and neighbor. We will provide coupon code within 24hrs by email

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