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特上サンタバーバラ産 生うに Wild Santa Barbara  Uni

特上サンタバーバラ産 生うに Wild Santa Barbara Uni

SKU: F-110


Fresh Premium Santa Barbara Uni is now on sale! It is a limited offer! The A grade Uni is set apart by its bright yellow/orange colored roe and its firmness in texture. A grade Uni, our highest quality Uni, is packed onto traditional wooden trays or plastic trays in order to ensure freshness by drawing in moisture and not letting it pool around the Uni. While this is done with freshness and quality as the top priority, the traditional look of the wooden packing block offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


As with all of our products, we do not pack them until the order is received in order to ensure the highest possible quality of the product. It is special order items only Thursday and Friday. *For customers living in Hungtington Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, South OC East LA, Please select the delivery day on Thursday *For customers whom live in North LA, West LA, South bay (PV), Please select the delivery day on Friday. Order due day, Every Monday 11:59PM. Please select plastic box or wood box when you order. It is the same quality and weight. ご好評につき、サンタバーバラ産極上ウニを期間限定でセール価格でご提供! 極上生うに サンタバーバラ産 サンタバーバラで獲れた極上うにを予約制で承ります。 最上級のAグレードのみをZERO OCEAN用に加工選別してもらい直送!! Hungtington Beach, Irvine, Costamesa, South OC East LAに お住まいの方は配送日は木曜日となります。 Noth LA, West LA, South bay (PV),に お住まいの方はご注文の際に金曜日をご選択ください。 ご注文の締め切りは毎週月曜日11:59PMとなります。 ご注文の際にプラスチック箱、もしくは木箱がご選択ください。 内容量は同じになります。 自然のものですので雲丹の大きさ形状が異なりますのでご了承ください。 生うになりますので、冷凍保存は出来ません。 お受取後は冷蔵庫で保管、お早めにお召し上がりくださいませ。

  • Cook & Packing (調理方法/梱包形態)

    about 100g (3.5oz) per plastic tray or wood box.

    Plastic Tray 5pocket. total about 100g (3.5oz)

    *Please do not freeze and eat it as soon as you can.

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