Delivery Fee / Schedule (Due date)

LA Area

 Order Due Date :金曜日 Friday 11PM  

 Delivery Date   :火曜日 Every Tuesday  

 $10.00 home delivery (宅配)

($129 over FREE delivery  $129 以上無料宅配)

South Bay Area (Including PV)

 Order Due Date :月曜日 Monday 11PM  

 Delivery Date   :水曜日 Wednesday  

 $10.00 home delivery (宅配)

($129 over FREE delivery  $129 以上無料宅配)

Irvine / Costa mesa / Huntington Beach /South OC

 Order Due Date :火曜日 Tuesday 11PM  

 Delivery Date   :木曜日 Every Thursday  

 $10.00 home delivery (宅配)

($129 over FREE delivery  $129 以上無料宅配)

​​Other Area  (non of above)

 Order Due Date :水曜日 Wednesday 11PM  

 Delivery Date   :金曜日 Every Friday  

*Please contact with us about delivery area. その他のエリアに関してはお問合せください。




Please let us know delivery request. We will inform you estimate delivery date and time by email.






For Group Shopping Customer

 If you would like to order with you friend and neighbor, please contact us the order detail (Qty and total amount) before you order. When we confirm the group order, we will provide you free delivery coupon FOR ONE DROP POINT (it is not individual delivery). Please also select delivery place where you want to pick it up with your friend and neighbor. We will provide coupon code within 24hrs by email