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Sanriku Kama-boiled Mekabu with sauce

Sanriku Kama-boiled Mekabu with sauce

Mekabu, which is the root of wakame seaweed, contains a lot of dietary fiber and minerals and is attracting attention as a healthy food. To enjoy the taste of Mekabu produced in Sanriku as it is, a ”Kamayude method” (pot boiling method) was used to carefully bring out the good flavor while not using glutamate or genetically modified materials for the ingredients. The attached sauce contains soy sauce from Asanuma Soy Sauce Store in Iwate Prefecture. By pouring it on just before eating, you can enjoy the flavors of both Mekabu and the sauce. The most important thing about the product was to have “the deliciousness of the ingredients themselves.” At Hachiyo Suisan, the executive director goes out in the field to pick out seaweeds to purchase the best ones.

It takes years of experience and strong intuition to select high-quality ingredients affected by the production area, fishing grounds, and weather conditions. Be sure to try the flavor and texture that only the best Mekabu can offer.

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