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Cream Sauce with Seasoned spinach w/ sesame & Salmon (English Ver.)

ZERO OCEAN’s Seasoned Spinach with Sesame has a very good taste, but it's left over. Also salmon sashimi is left over….What should I do to cook the next day? What a time-saving cooking! How about this for lunch?

【Ingredients・2 servings】

*Please boil the pasta for 2p while you’re making this pasta sauce.

・Seasoned spinach with sesame ( appropriate of amount)

・Salmon sashimi ( appropriate of amount)

・Butter or Olive oil 1 Tbsp

・Flour 1 Tbsp

・Milk 1Cup (I used unsweetened Almond Milk)

・Chiken broth mix 1 tsp

・Parmesan cheese or powder cheese (appropriate of amount)

【Cooking Directions】

Squeeze the remaining juice of spinach

Put 1 Tbsp of Butter or Olive oil in a frying pan.

③Stir fry the remaining salmon over medium heat.

④Add spinach and stir fry lightly.

⑤Add 1Tbsp of flour and stir fry until no juice is left.

⑥Add 1Cup of milk. You can use your favorite one.( I use unsweetened almond milk.)

⑦Stir fry low heat until creamy, and add 1 tsp of chicken broth mix and salt & pepper if you like.

⑧Put an appropriate amount of #7 on the boiled pasta and sprinkle Parmesan or Powder cheese. It is quick to make and has a rich taste. Enjoy!

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