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Ms. Mica Tsang

某寿司レストランでキッチンシェフの経験を持つ、魚と着物好きの主婦。昨今は自宅でリモートワークの傍、家族への三度の飯をいかに簡単に美味しく出来るか、毎日考案中。そこで、Zero Ocean のお魚やお惣菜と、冷蔵庫にある物で作れる簡単レシピを少しずつ公開予定。乞うご期待!

She is a fish & kimono lover housewife who has experience as a kitchen chef at a sushi restaurant. Recently, she is trying to create meals easy and delicious for family members while working remotely at home everyday. Therefore, she is planning to release a simple recipe that can be made with Zero Ocean fish and side dishes and things in the refrigerator little by little. Stay tuned!

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